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Our story:

The New You Fitness was founded in 2010 by Rick and Shannon Kerley. At the time we were already Independent Team Beachbody Coaches but
wanted a simpler, more personal way to connect with our customers, something that reflected our own journeys.

We met in 1999 and were married in 2000. We have one daughter, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Like a lot of people, as we got older we lost focus of our
health and well-being.  I (Rick) was at my heaviest weight I had ever been, over 180 pounds. I grew up in a "meat and potatoes" household and I
kept that style of eating up my entire life. But we had our family and led a happy existence in the suburbs of Sacramento, CA until 2007.  

Towards the end of 2006 and into early 2007 I didn't feel "right".  I'd get winded walking up the stairs, wasn't exercising and just generally felt run
down.  I attributed it to just being out of shape and vowed to start exercising again.  At the request of Shannon I made an appointment to see my
doctor for a check-up. That appointment was scheduled for April 20, 2007.  On April 17, 2007 we were walking our dogs when I started having
severe chest pain and told Shannon we needed to head home.  Once there, I sat on the edge of our tub with my head between my knees while the
elephant on my chest did his tap dance. It took about 20 minutes for the pain to subside but then I felt okay.  No need to panic, I had an
appointment with my doctor in a few days and left it at that.  Stupid, stubborn man right?  At my appointment I told my doctor what had happened
and he ran a few tests but didn't find anything out of the ordinary.  He decided to be cautious and ordered a treadmill test for the next day, a call
that probably saved my life.  I waited for my test all the time wishing I could just be at home, watching TV, eating some candy.  My treadmill test
lasted all of 7 minutes at low speed when I started feeling that heavy chest compression again.  The test was immediately stopped and I was given
a Nitro tablet.  This time it took over 20 minutes for the pain to leave.  It was decided (not by me) that I needed to be admitted to the hospital
immediately.  For the first time in my life I was going to be spending the night in a hospital.

The first hours were the typical sit around and wait.  By the time I got to my room I was so hungry I begged Shannon to get me a cheeseburger.  Of
course she wouldn't.  I think I did get some Cheez-its and beef jerky though. After a battery of tests I was told that I had suffered a heart attack and
I'd need to undergo an angiogram, probably an angioplasty and worst case, open-heart surgery.  They were sure there were blockages and
possible damage, they just weren't sure to what extent.  My numbers were out of control, cholesterol over 300 and triglycerides over 700!!  My
doctor said she'd never seen it so high. After an overnight stay and a transfer to another hospital for the procedure, I underwent the knife. I wasn't
overly worried, but the real stress was placed on Shannon who had to wait for the outcome. The surgeon found 1 artery with a 95% blockage and
1 with a 50% blockage.  The cardiologist later told me it was just a matter of time before I would have taken my last step.  They placed a stent in
the more severely blocked artery and ballooned the other open. All better!!

Now came the hard work, the lifestyle changes my doctor told me were coming.  Like I said, I'm stubborn so of course I disagreed.  BUT...after
thinking it through, and remembering the look on Shannon's face when they wheeled me out of that OR, I knew I never wanted to end up in this
position again so we started cutting out some of the things that were a staple of my diet.  Red meat 4-5 times a week, fatty foods, way too much
sugar, etc.  I started eating a vegetable or two (something I hate to this day). I was under strict orders not to do anything more strenuous than walk
for 6 months.  No problem for me since I was a couch potato. Funny thing about that though.  Since I was told I couldn't, it's all I wanted to do. Right
around the 6 month mark I happened to be flipping channels and came across an infomercial for a program called P90X. Since it promised I could
work out at home and get ripped in 90 days that was for me.  Not so much Shannon.  What about the home gym in the garage collecting dust?  I'll
sell it to buy the program I promised and that's what I did. And so a Beachbody Coach was born.  Fortunately I have a completely supportive wife
who agreed to do the program with me.  We threw out all of the boxed and canned food and bought straight out of the P90X nutrition guide.  Did I
get ripped in 90 days?  Nope.  I did lose 24 pounds and felt better than I had in years.  We did another 90 days, I lost another 21 pounds.  In 6
months I had gone from my heaviest to weighing what I did in high school.  AMAZING!!!!!!  Shannon, who has always been skinny, but not fit, lost
11 pounds and found muscles she never had.  We were hooked. We continued with P90X, X+ and any other Beachbody program we could get our
hands on.  In April, 2009 we were offered an opportunity to become Beachbody Coaches.  We were already telling anyone that would listen about
the products so figured why not. And the rest as they say, is history.

Fast forward to today.  We LOVE being Beachbody Coaches.  We feel like there is no better "job" in the world. It affords us the opportunity to take
our experiences and help other people reach their health and fitness goals. Those who decide to join our team of coaches also have the
opportunity to write their own financial future.  We certainly hope to inspire others to reach for their goals and beyond.
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Rick and Shannon with the one and only Tony
Horton at our first Coach Summit in 2009
Rick with Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler at Coach
Summit 2010
Shannon with her favorite trainer,
Chalene Johnson at Coach Summit
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